Is Edge of Tomorrow the best blockbuster you can expect nowadays from Hollywood ?

Even if it's a success acclaimed by almost everyone, many seem embarrassed when coming to comment Edge of Tomorrow. The movie is always brought back to its “Hollywood marketed product” status, without neither any "author" directing it, nor major figure except its lead role.


You can read pretty much everywhere the movie is common, without the distinctive style a true author/filmmaker would have injected into. Which would have been able to overcome this assembly-line product. But, considering all the producers decision-makers submitted to brand managers, the many executive producers who do and undo the movie in the editing room nowadays, does Hollywood allow that much space to directors ? If Doug Liman can't be associated to any visual print or authentic creative contribution, should we judge that he didn't play any part in the success of his movie ? Edge of tomorrow is a movie which really belongs to its time in which the production teams, screenwriters and executive producers have taken control. (as J. Whedon and J.J Abrams status proved it, being respectively nominated in charge of Marvel and Star Wars' saga for Disney). Will directors be condemned to be adjustable and exchangeable, whatever their names or wills? If some directors still have the power to raise funds in their name, we should get used to watching more and more products in which the “soul” will come from the pre-production and post-production teams rather than their filmmaker. Can we still comment the making of those products apart from it ? Here are four reasons why we defend Edge of tomorrow unreservedly, whether the movie is an exception or a promise.

It's a movie made for and by action

It's a romantic impossible romance

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