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Fortunately for this 4th part, taking account of the Chinese financial control, the  movie stays « 100% Bayhem ». Looking at the show, we often stay speechless in front of Bay's technique. He really invites us to a pure sensorial ride deliberately leaving behind the narration in favor of the action. Unfortunately, it is the emotional impact that falls behind at the arrival. And this is due to the specific zeal of the filmmaker; Bay always wants to do everything and proove that he is the boss of « the Awesome ». How not to see that he was hurt in his pride when he saw Snyder's « Man of Steel » ? Here, Lockdown’s vessel and his  magnet effect reminds us of the Superman last flick. The effect will knock the viewer down more than anything else even though the show  is spectacular. The second act is slightly spoilt because of the  incursion in  Lockdown's  vessel , however visually very rich. We shall not forget that Transformers 4 bears few loner defaults, some would state the « transitional episode» or even « episode too down-to-earth ». Because if Bay and Krugger have done their maximum to meet important challenges and start to develop and expand new elements linked to the universe, this 4th part is drowned by a narration and management of a flawed plot.


But there are beautiful cinema moments. Michael Bay manages to inspire into it some grace. This is done through pictures that as usual seem sometimes to be upgraded pictures he admired. Tessa’s return calls to mind some  famous american film directors, Spielberg above all, whom we think again of when Bay boosts his T-rex from Jurassic Park in the final, or again Lucas when he has fun with a remake of Star-Wars through a race running/battle of pod in the middle of the town. Even if he declares to be done with the franchise as a filmmaker, somewhere for Bay, the circle comes back around


Par N.Van

With : Mark Walhberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer...
Durée : 2h46
Nationality : USA, Chinese